Pad 5: Quick and Easy Chicken Tacos

To my surprise, these were pretty good. I’m always looking for quick things I can make to send with my hubs to work. I dug around and came up with Easy Chicken Tacos that took me no longer than 10 minutes! Try them out… They are yummy.

You’ll Need:

– One can of Kirkland chicken from Costco

– About 3/4 of a cup of plain greek yogurt (I used Zoi)

– About 3/4 of a can of black beans, mostly drained

– Around a 1/2 of a can of corn, drained

– 1/2 of a red pepper, diced

– 1 whole lime squeezed

– Top it off with your favorite salsa, cheese, and olives

– Put on top of a salad or inside a tortilla – I like whole wheat ones

Mix all ingredients together, heat in micro if you’d like and serve


This is before the cilantro and red pepper – it’s gooey.



Here’s my favorite salsa – it’s SO yummy. I found it at New Seasons. It’s loaded with garlic… my favorite.


Some might say a cheap can of olives can ruin a meal – not this girl!


Pack it up for your man, and then eat some too!:)


Don’t forget to save the cans! I plan on doing this project with my Nest!

And there you have it – enjoy!

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